Alin Stefan Olaru
Junior Software Engineer
Figured I'd leave a fair warning, this page is currently under development and might look and/or behave clunky. Any kind of input shall be left either via email or on GitHub.

Software Engineer with core competences in designing and developing applications using C# (.NET Framework or Core) or Java.

I moved here back in 2014 in order to study ICT Engineering at VIA University College, which of course I graduated back in February 2018. Back in High School I actually studied Social Sciences due to the fact that I wasn't best friends with the study system back home, and I had pretty much zero chances to pursue my one passion since I was a child. Computer Engineering.

By moving in Denmark I had a chance to pretty much have a 'fresh start' and I finally got a chance to achieve my dream. I went through college without failing a single class and I did so by gaining above average grades.

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Curious, enthusiastic, creative, open-minded.

This is one of those cheesy areas in my page where I talk about myself in a nice manner. Sorry. I had to.

Curiousity is something natural for me. As a child I used to dissasemble things around the house and then successfully re-assemble them. Always curious on new technologies, always up to date with the new tech trends. Never afraid to pick on something new, always willing to learn and develop a new skill. Always doing my best to succeed and never giving up until my goal is reached.


This section contains some highlighted repositories from my GitHub account, where I shamelessly star my own repositories. I know it's not a good idea to do so but it's a nice "hacky" way to automatically fetch specific repositories from GitHub


Literally this.

By "this", I mean the website. I had to put it somewhere, right? The page "suffered" several modifications across the years.

It went from being this single full screen "business card-esque" page, to an actual CV, to this.

It went from plain HTML, to Vue.JS, to Angular JS and then back to Vue.JS. It had several fancy and "eye-stealing" animations, that were eventually removed (except for this fancy intro, I like it).

Please note that the page is still under development. I'm aware it might not look so nice on mobile phones or on specific browsers. If you want to have the full experience you'll have to visit it from a PC and a modern browser.


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